My Fashion History

When I was 14 years old, I wasn’t the most passionate fashionista, I’d say I was a lot more passionate about being a soccer player than anything else. But I always had time to envision my life. For example, if I liked writing, why didn’t I write a book? If I liked piano, why didn’t I learn to play it? If I liked cinema, why didn’t I study to be an actor or learn to make movies? And I did.
When I went with my father to a fashion show in Milan, I was mesmerised by the architecture such as Dome and the district of Porta Nuova, but everything left me speechless, when I saw the streets of renowned brands, it was captivating, vibrant, optimistic.
I gave in to the charm of the fashion world and launched my own fashion brand “ROMANO XI” in 2018.
My continuous curiosity and strong artistic sensibility nurtured from early childhood onward led me to start my first fashion project.
My first fashion show appearance was at the Odessa Fashion Week in Ukraine, where the organizer Zarina Semenyuk, believed in my skills at only 14 years old. The following year was my second show, this time in Switzerland at the Geneva Fashion Day, which was organized by World Fashion Icon (WFI).
I like to explore the duality of masculine and feminine clothes, colors and patterns that caress the body, providing it with comfort and elegance.
ROMANO XI is now focusing on innovative modern clothes, creating unexpected textures combined with other elements. While I continue to interpret the dress codes in the most modern, and courageous way: balance, peace and beauty. This is the feeling I want to inspire in young people who wear my brand.

Functional, sport, urban

The first presentation of my Brand Romano XI started here, previous to the catwalk. 

I attended Odesa Fashion Week in Ukraine, in 2018 presenting my very first collection; and the Fashion Hub Market in Milan, Italy, in 2020, with my second collection. 

One of my priorities as a designer is to design clothes that caress the body, are comfortable and pleasant on the skin. With my team, we focus on knitwear made of high-quality cotton and search for the balance between masculine and feminine fashion expression. 

Romano XI is working with innovative modern cloth, creating unexpected textures combined with other elements. I continue to interpret the dress codes in the most modern and courageous way: balance, peace, and beauty. This is the feeling that Romano XI wants to inspire young and not-so-young people who wear its brand.    


Self-reflexion with myself as a young designer

Giving the last practical details to light up to my Social and Digital Media Strategic planner. 

I am always in continuous search of beauty around me, in order to personally reinterpret it, producing fresh, iconic collections that stand the test of time. 

The menswear and womenswear collections – already seen on showrooms or magazines redefine shapes and colors with new rules and conventional images. 

I persist with my innovative creativity and to take my brand to an international level in a short period of time. 


Cool! my black hoodie Romano made me a fashion guy

T-shirt… an "air de liberté": thanks, Ralphy

Pants and hoodie with a natural feel and soft texture. I liked them very much

Yo compré con timidez un sostén deportivo y leggins -- y ahora me gustan mucho

Thank you, Romano, my sportswear is my style

I explore my urban sportswear with Romano. Thank you

A good friend of mine told me about your brand, great! I bought a T-shirt and black pants. Thanks

Je connais Ralph depuis de nombreuses années et sa collection m'intéressait. J'ai acheté un hoodie et je suis heureux

Ci sono molte marche ma mi è piaciuto il marchio Ralph. Ho comprato T-shirt e shorts. Grazie!x

Ralph est mon ami d'école et j'ai acheté un hoodie et un pantalon pour collaborer avec lui, mais j'ai fini par aimer le style. Bravo