I have for quite some time been intrigued by the fashion world.
When I had the occasion to attend two events fashion shows with my Dad – “Milan Fashion Week” and “Odessa Fashion Week” – I realized that I didn’t want to be only a spectator.
As a teenager, being very interested in clothes and accessories, I asked myself – why not create a brand and collections of my own? And that’s what I did.
I am just a normal young man with ideas and lots of imagination. I like to follow my own path, and I approach things with passion.
As for FASHION — while I like to let myself be inspired by all the nice stuff out there, in the end, I go by my own choices.
Trends are important for me, but I try to attract the attention of young people with simple colors that never go out of fashion.
As for my brand — history has always been one of my favorite subjects, and the era of the Romans with Emperor Julius Cesar was the starting point of our civilization, and in remembrance of those great times, I have called my brand “Romano XI”.
My brand may not differentiate itself massively from other brands, but my clothes designs can be considered as elegant colors, and they are also perfect for young athletic and modern people who like to enjoy life to the fullest.
The light sporty fabric allows them freedom of movement and a nice feel on the skin.
We all wear the clothes we alone decide to wear — it is simply a matter of personal style and taste.
I think I can successfully launch my own brand of clothes in the competitive fashion markets and if people like my clothes, buy and wear them, then this is a huge satisfaction for me as a young designer and encourages me to continue on this path.

Romano XI — Hub Market — Milano Moda Donna 2021 — 2022

This digital edition of Fashion Hub Market Milano Moda Donna 2021 — 2022 was a window to show for the first time the creativity of the ready-to-wear of the young designer Ralph Alexander with his brand “Romano XI”.

One of the pillars of “Camera della Moda Italiana” is support to new talents in fashion alongside sustainability issues. An exclusive moment was dedicated in this edition to discover one of the emerging talents selected among the most interesting on the international scene.

Born in Virginia (USA) into a multicultural family, now living in Switzerland, Ralph at 17 is a creative young man. He spends his leisure time playing the piano and has done so far 14 compositions for film; he has also written several film scripts and is a budding actor. Recently, he has launched his first short film together with his friend and director of photography Ahmad Muhanna.

First collection

Second collection

In this second collection, I introduce different colors as a symbol of the ready-to-wear. They were manufactured beautifully with the new lightness.