"MASKED MEN"©️ (2022) - Award-Winning Psychological Thriller Short Film

Produced in June, July and August of 2022, this award-winning psychological thriller short film premiered at the Hollywood Gold Awards at the Hudson Theatres in Hollywood, Los Angeles on October 23rd 2022, and won Best Student Film at the New York Movie Awards, also being screened at the Yonkers Film Festival, Milan Gold Awards (Honorable Mentions) and Sarah Lawrence College.

Writer, Director & Co-composer: Ralph Calle-Schulz
Producer & Camera Director: Ahmad Al Lawati
Director of Photography, Editor & Co-composer: Peter Olszewski
Makeup Artist & Costume Designer: Jazmin Nahas

Starring: Ralph Calle-Schulz, Peter Olszewski, Ahmad Al Lawati, Nicolo Abbate & Paul Darrell McGuire.

Three rookie detectives secretly reopen a cold case in hopes of jumpstarting their careers. But just as they get close to solving the case, one goes rogue and holds the two prime suspects hostage in pursuit of his own agenda.

"One Bad Dream"©️ (2021) - Psychological Thriller Short Film

Writer, Director, Composer & Co-editor: Ralph Calle-Schulz

Producer, Director of Photography & Co-editor: Ahmad Al Lawati

Starring: Ralph Calle-Schulz, Emilie Bagatelas, Lisa Bessuges, Paul Darrell McGuire, Nicolo Abbate, Ashley Penrose & Serafina Jacobsen Walsh.

Produced in October 2020-April 2021, this psychological thriller short film is my first student film and surrounds the important and fragile topic of mental health and disorder (Intermittent Explosive Disorder).

In this first film, during many months, I explored and examined the issues behind the main character’s psychological problems, developed impacting scenes, researched and chose locations and props, coordinated time for filming despite a heavy school schedule, memorized the script for my role as Arnold, and got into Arnold’s skin and behavior, while also composing the music and overseeing the music arrangement. Added to that the pandemic challenges and the need to study and prepare for end-of-year exams.

Trailer One bad dream

Switzerland, April - 2021
One Bad Dream " (TRAILER) is a psychological thriller short film written and directed by Ralph Calle-Schulz, and produced by cinematographer Ahmad Al Lawati.

Services for my community

Switzerland, April - 2020
By Marc Décosterd

Strengthen the responsibility of the communes and defend their autonomy. The AdCV, which currently brings together 69 communes, aims to develop the very principles of equality between its members, of the responsibility of the authorities, and of the communal autonomy specific to our Vaud values.

Casting audition at The Celebrity Experience - Los Angeles, USA

Universal Studios, August 2019
"Dance Shoes" - Mckenna Lee and Ralph Calle-Schulz

Actors audition at The Celebrity Experience - Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, 2019
"Hot Mamma" - Ralph Calle-Schulz and Ryan Paget

Dramatic Audition Self-Tape “I’m a Freak”


Swiss Meeting of Talented Young Entrepreneurs

Switzerland, September 2020

Dramatic Audition Self-Tape “Shameless”


Casting audition at The Celebrity Experience - New Jersey, USA

New Jersey/New York, 2022
Monologue from "Masked Men" - Ralph Calle-Schulz

Commercial Audition Self-Tape (Crayola)

Commercial Audition Self-Tape (Panasonic)

TV/Film Audition Self-Tape

Dramatic Film/TV Self-Tape

Comedy Film/TV Audition Self-Tape

Comedic Audition Self-Tape “Shrimp-Fried Rice”


Ralph's Introduction in English

Comedic Audition Self-Tape “Crazy Girl”


Audition Tape Scene “Social Network” with Peter Olszewski


Audition Tape Scene with Jazmin Nahas


Audition Tape Scene “The Fault in Our Stars” with Maisy Moss


Audition Tape Scene “Beautiful Boy” with Peter Olszewski


Dramatic Audition Self-Tape “Do What You Have To Do”


RPReplay_Performing David Byrne


Awarded 1st prize for Monologue, Teen Category -Celebrity Experiences


Actor Reel from The Celebrity Experience - August

Dance Shoes, Mckenna Lee and Ralph Calle Schulz
August 2019

Beyond the Clouds


"STOP MAKING SENSE" by David Byrne (Talking Heads)

Performed by Ralph Calle-Schulz

David Byrne is a Scottish-American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, writer, music theorist, visual artist, and filmmaker. He was a founding member and the lead songwriter, and guitarist of the American new wave band, Talking Heads.

"IA AM A CAMERA" - a Downstage Production, NY

Written by John Van Druten and based on Christopher Isherwood’s "Good Bye To Berlin".
Directed by: Katy Snair
Starring: Ralph Calle-Schulz, Naomi Rottman, Connors Daniels, AJ McCormick, Audie Campbell-Eby, Lorenzo Leva & Madeline Rhode

This play (as well as the musical CABARET) was adapted from THE BERLIN STORIES by Christopher Isherwood (1904-1986). It is about Chris’ life, a struggling young writer whose novel, "I AM A CAMERA", concerns the events occurring around him in 1930s Berlin.


Behind the scenes of “One Bad Dream”

My film partner and I were lucky enough to be invited onto a Podcast by Debbie Calle-Schulz and Phoebe Bragg called “Spill the Tizzle”, where we were interviewed about the making of our film (“One Bad Dream”). Check out the link below to listen to how two students and aspiring filmmakers made a short film with zero budget!

Spill the Tizzle

Follow Debbie Calle-Schulz and Phoebe Bragg as they navigate their early twenties in London. With highs and lows from their career successes to their dating disasters, you’ll get the uncensored truth. Each week they’ll discuss all the drama surrounding relationships, health and fitness, life in London and everything else in between as they try to find their feet in the big city. Follow on Facebook: