Self-motivated, aspiring actor and filmmaker with a special interest in psycological drama and trillers


Special Skills and experience

High-level soccer goalkeeper (regional Swiss elite youth team, now Sarah Lawrence College roster)

Children’s story author (2 self-published books)

European correspondent/journalist and commentator for a Peruvian sports radio

Piano music composer (self-taught, with currently 14 compositions for film)

Fashion designer (ROMANO XI – Instagram: official_romano_)

Interviewer of Designers “Eleventy” and “Borsalino” for “World Fashion Icon” at Milan Fashion Week 2019-2020, Italy

Student creativity interview for Collège du Léman publicity, Switzerland, 2019

Fluent in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish)


Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, USA –  AUGUST 2021 – PRESENT
Courses as current First-Year: Screenwriting, Film History (Antifascist Aesthetics),
Literature (Fashioning Gender in Shakespeare to Austin).

Currently pursuing a BA in Filmmaking

Collège du Léman, Versoix, Switzerland

International Baccalaureate Graduate
Achieved 37 IB points. High-Level: English, Psychology and German.
Standard-Level: Math, History and Biology. 


“Masked Men” short film — Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Music Composer
“One Bad Dream” short film — Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Music Composer
A film that explores the negative impacts of mental health disorders (Intermittent
Explosive Disorder) on teenage life.
(1) “ONE BAD DREAM”©️ – Psychological Thriller Short Film – YouTube

« Masked Men » Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Music Composer, produced in Switzerland, June-July 2022.

Three rookie detectives secretly reopen a cold case in hopes of jumpstarting their careers. But just as they get close to solving the case, one goes rogue and holds the two prime suspects hostage in pursuit of his own agenda.


« I am a camera » First role at the Downstage Theater at the New York, May 2021

Role as straight in comedic duo in short film “Johnny Paypa”,
Switzerland, 2021

Co-directed and starred as deuteragonist in comedic short film “General Waste”,
Switzerland, 2021

Writer, director, music composer and main character in 40-minute short film “One Bad Dream”,
Switzerland, 2021

Lead Role at The Celebrity Experience Showcase and in film reels, USA,
August 2019, and Switzerland, Aug/Sep 2019

  • I was awarded 1st prize for Monologue, Teen Category
  • I studied Scene Study, Improv, Cold Reading, Monologue, Audition Technique and Commercials with Jonathan Goldstein, Tyler Steelman, Katie Sarife, Geno Segers, Adrian R’Mante, Matt Timmons, Brian Sutherland, Tanya Chisholm

Actor in the drama performance of “The Hysterical History of the Trojan War”, 6th grade drama class, Collège du Léman, Switzerland, 2015

Singer candidate in The Voice Kids, Switzerland edition, 2014

Cover of Charlie Chaplin’s Nonsense Song from the movie “Modern Times”, acting and singing,
Switzerland, 2014

Singer/actor of extracts of the musical “Mamma Mia” produced by Académie de Comédie Musicale de Genève (,
Switzerland, 2013